Patch Notes

For practical reasons, the patch notes are currently only available in English. Find here all our updates, whether they are minor or major.


  • major update on the blog. We now have a dashboard to write articles, it's no longer AI. change also to the display of articles:
  • same on this patch-note


  • Many optimizations


  • Big feature: you can play in multigame with your friends without connection.


  • When you create a quiz, you are directly redirected to the edit page instead of being taken to the /quiz-created page where all your created quizzes are displayed
  • Increased the size of the “Play quiz” text on the quiz edit page.
  • Adding a max length in the input to create a quiz (64 characters)
  • You can now choose the images for your quizzes with Pixabay directly on infinite-quiz!

Expect to see notable changes to quiz creation in the coming days/months




  • Small modification on the about page
  • Removing the appearance of a modal when we wanted to create a quiz with AI on the /create-quiz page
  • Added the possibility of sending a quiz by email, on reddit, linkedin, etc..
  • Repair bug restart quiz
  • Drag n drop to modify your quiz only acts vertically. Before, the horizontal was difficult to modify your quiz


  • Added a refusal when refusing quizzes submitted to admins. It sends a notification to the user
  • Possible correction legendary connection problem since the beginning of the site

12/11 & 13/11:

  • Addition of Features for Admin
  • Improvement of Stats Page
  • Frontend Enhancement on Profile Page
  • Enhancement of Public User Profile Page, Including Addition of Their Public Quizzes, if Any
  • SEO Improvement for Categories Page
  • Enhancement of Partner Feature


  • Minor Updates on Certain Paddings of the Homepage
  • Addition of a Section with Reviews on the Homepage


  • Addition of Image on Notifications for More Fun
  • Beginning of Development of an Infinite-Quiz Mobile App

Early November:

  • Switch from Google Analytics to Plausible Locally
  • Removal of Cookie Barrier as It's No Longer Necessary with Plausible
  • Improvement of the Ergonomics of the Quiz-Created Page, Including an Icon Change and a Mouse Hover Description of Different Options


  • Change of Numerous URLs for More Relevance
  • Improvement of Structured Data
  • SEO Level Improvements in Several Aspects


  • Logo Change
  • Modification of Almost All Site Images
  • Addition of a Button in Multiplayer to Relaunch Random Quizzes if They Do Not Appeal
  • Addition of a Link to My Company's Website in the Footer


  • Addition of Stats
  • Improvement of Admin Panel
  • You Can Now Delete Your Quizzes (Not Advised as You Still Lose Credits)


  • Numerous Optimizations
  • When You Report an Error While Logged In, and It Is Corrected, You Receive 0.1 Credit
  • When No Results Are Found in Quiz Search, There's a Message
  • You Can Now Write Suggestions Within the Site (Just Need to Be Logged In)
  • Clicking on the Notification Icon in the Navbar Now Properly Closes It


  • Addition of a Notification System on Infinite-Quiz


  • Added Multiplayer online
  • Fixed the error with the creation of quiz for everyone
  • Correction on the navbar
  • More security on the server


  • Added Google login
  • Improved site performance
  • Created the policy and legal mentions pages
  • Fixed the error on the profile page that was causing a 500 error
  • Added modals for creating multiplayer games and creating quizzes with our AI
  • Change: Now, when creating your account, you no longer appear in the leaderboard


  • Initial site launch with numerous errors without indexation
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