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Creation of quizzes

Build Quizzes with AI

At, we offer a unique and interactive experience by allowing the creation of customized quizzes with artificial intelligence. Start by choosing a theme that interests you, then let our AI create a tailor-made quiz. After playing, adjusting, and perfecting your quiz, share it with your family, friends, or community. This is a crucial step that greatly enriches our platform with a diversity of content, allowing users to discover topics of interest. By submitting a request to make your quiz public, not only does it become accessible to all site visitors, but you also earn a credit. This process creates a rewarding experience for all users.

Social Media Advertisements

As you may know, visibility is essential for the success of many projects, and this often includes an active presence on social media. At, every time you visit a quiz page, you have the opportunity to share the quiz. We strongly encourage you to do so. Each share contributes to our growth and visibility. In addition to that, we are active on social media like Twitter to engage our community and stay connected with our users. We have also created a Discord server, providing a space where our community can come together, exchange ideas, and discuss quizzes. Your participation plays a crucial role in the development and success of our platform.

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Send Suggestions

We understand that the evolution of depends on active listening to our community. Your suggestions help us understand the real expectations of users and guide our updates to best meet your needs. By collecting and analyzing your feedback, we can move in the right direction. We have provided multiple channels for you to communicate your ideas: directly on the site through our contact form, or by joining our dedicated Discord server. On Discord, you can interact in real-time with our team and other Infinite-Quiz community members. Your suggestions will be discussed there, and you may even have the opportunity to see some of them come to life!

Buy Credits

We work almost every day on to improve the website and our product. To support our development, we encourage you to purchase credits. Your purchase of credits directly contributes to our growth and the continuous improvement of our platform. These credits allow you to unlock special features and enhance your experience on our site. Thank you for your support and contribution to Infinite-Quiz !

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