🎮 Multiplayer: Fun at your fingertips!

Play with friends

Play with friends

Nothing beats a good old quiz with friends, right? Infinite-quiz makes it possible with the multiplayer mode! Create your private session and invite your friends to join you for an exciting quiz. You control the game, choose the theme, and start the countdown when you're ready.

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How to Use Multiplayer?

  1. Log in and allow a member of your group to create a game.
  2. The game creator receives a code to share with other players.
  3. Participants enter this code in the form at the top of the page.
  4. Vote for a quiz from the 3 options provided or choose 'Advanced Mode' (on the quiz page in question) to select a single quiz.
  5. The administrator can start the game.
  6. After completing, the administrator can start another game for all players without needing a new code. They can also end the session if desired, which will display the total results and a ranking.

Note: If a player disconnects during a game, the administrator can force the game to end to avoid being stuck indefinitely (by default, all players must finish to display the results). Additionally, the administrator can also exclude a player from the session.

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