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The 1929 crisis

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The 1929 crisis: The 1929 crisis, also known as the Great Crash, is one of the most important economic crises of the 20th century. It began in the United States and quickly spread worldwide, leading to a drastic drop in production, a rise in unemployment, and a deterioration of living conditions. This crisis was caused by a combination of factors, including excessive speculation in the stock market, excessive household and corporate debt, as well as ineffective economic policies. The consequences of the 1929 crisis were devastating, with millions of people affected by poverty and hunger. It also had a major impact on global economic policy, giving rise to new ideas and theories on economic regulation. This quiz will allow you to test your knowledge of this dark period in economic history.

Categorie: History

Keywords: 1929 crisis, Great Depression, speculation, indebtedness, unemployment, economic policies, economic regulation

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Created: 22 juin 2024

Updated: 22 juin 2024

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