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Art Criticism in the 20th Century

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Art Criticism in the 20th Century: Art criticism in the 20th century was marked by a variety of approaches, from formalism and abstract expressionism to postmodernism and identity-focused criticism. Formalism, which emerged in the early 1900s, emphasized the qualities of a work of art as a complete, self-sufficient object, treating it as an autonomous entity rather than as a reflection of its cultural or social context. The mid-century rise of abstract expressionism challenged this idea, asserting that art should be expressive of the artist's emotions and mental states. Postmodernism, which emerged in the latter half of the century, rejected the notion of objective truth and instead emphasized the ways in which meaning is constructed through language, culture, and society. Finally, identity-focused criticism considered how an artist's cultural background, as well as the viewer's, shapes the interpretation of a work of art.

Categorie: Art and culture

Keywords: art criticism, 20th century, formalism, abstract expressionism, postmodernism, identity-focused criticism

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Created: 29 mai 2023

Updated: 8 septembre 2023

Mascotte Enigmatou

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